Being a Student Athlete.

American Universities place a lot of emphasis on being a student athlete. It doesn’t matter what sport you play you are a student first and then an athlete. This means that your studies should always come first before golf. This is a great way to ensure that you complete your degree, especially if you don’t end up turning professional.

The majority of universities will require their students to maintain a 2.0 grade point average to remain eligible for competition, this is the English equivalent of having an average of a C grade. If you do not adhere to your universities academic standard you will not be able to compete. You may think that this seems strict, you have to remember that some scholarships can be in excess of $50,000 a year, and you’re an investment for the college. If you are not remaining eligible with your grades you are not going to be worth the scholarship. It is very achievable for every student, if you need help with certain classes to maintain a good GPA most universities will assist you with tutors.

It is not secret that being a student athlete is hard work, it is very rewarding though. Besides being a student you’re an athlete after all, playing and practicing on some of the best facilities is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your game and have an amazing experience with like minded individuals.


If you put the time in you definitely get a lot out of being a student athlete, it is challenging yet rewarding. It can be the best four years of your life and can unlock many doors for you. If you study hard, practice hard, and most of all enjoy your college experience you will excel in both golf and studies.

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