Tournament Schedule

We hope everyone  had a great new year & Xmas and our getting some good work done in this off season.

We are currently in the process of planning our tournament schedule for the year of 2016. We plan on attending roughly two tournaments per month on average. This will include England, Scotland, Wales and possibly one event in  Ireland and our schedule will be published in the coming months. We hope to find lots of talented players to help achieve their dreams of a golf scholarship in the USA. If there is any tournament you would recommend we go to or any tournament perhaps you would like to meet us at please get in touch at the following: or

We look forward to meeting a few of you in the year of 2016.

The Haskins Award

This is the second in our series of the most coveted awards that can be won by collegiate golfers. The Haskins Award is presented each year by the Haskins Commission. The award is to honour the most outstanding collegiate golfer in the United States. The award is dedicated to the memory of Fred Haskins who was a former golf teaching professional at the Country Club of Columbus in Georgia, USA.

The award is voted by the Haskins Commission. This commission is built from journalists, coaches and collegiate golfers. It is often compared to the Heisman Trophy which is awarded to the most outstanding American Football player of the year. Of all the awards this is considered by many as the most prestigious.

The achievements of former winners of the Haskins Award speaks for itself. Combined they have gone on to compete in 42 Ryder Cups, win 28 majors, and over 250 PGA Tour events. Some notable recent winners of the award are:

  • 2014- Patrick Rodgers, Stanford
  • 2012- Justin Thomas, Alabama
  • 2011- Patrick Cantlay, UCLA
  • 2005- Ryan Moore, UNLV
  • 2003- Hunter Mahan, Oklahoma State
  • 2002- Graeme McDowell, UAB

Some impressive names and figures here, I am sure you will agree who are all products of collegiate golf. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities to play collegiate golf in the U.S get in touch:

Ben Hogan Award

In our next series of blogs we will cover some of the most coveted awards that can be won by collegiate golfers. Up first is the Ben Hogan Award, this is presented yearly to the top male collegiate golfer by Colonial Country Club, in conjunction with the GCAA (Golf Coaches Association of America). The award began in 1990 and is determined by a selection committee including representatives from golf organisations such as the R&A and USPA as well as media and many more individuals. The committee selects the winner based on results from both college and amateur events.

The winner is announced at the PGA Tour’s Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Tournament. Something quite ironic about the award is that Ben Hogan (A favourite player of Golf Scholarship USA staff) never actually attended college. Some notable recent winners of the award are:

    • 2014 – Patrick Rodgers, Stanford
    • 2012 – Patrick Cantlay, UCLA
    • 2011 – Peter Uihlein, Oklahoma State University
    • 2008 – Rickie Fowler, Oklahoma State University
    • 2005 – Ryan Moore, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
    • 2004 – Bill Haas, Wake Forest University

There is some great names on this list I am sure you will agree and yet again proof of the sort of talent college golf produces. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities to play collegiate golf in the U.S get in touch:

Qualities College Coaches Look for in Players

Unfortunately college golf coaches don’t have a generic checklist which will guarantee you will get a scholarship. Every coach looks for different qualities and attributes leading to them valuing a player differently to any other coach. What one coach may love another coach may despise. Having said this the first thing coaches will always look at is scoring average, ability and grades. But after this there are other qualities we believe in our experience as both players and as a coach we see that every coach values from their players.

  1. Attitude. College golf is demanding, you have to maintain a good positive attitude as you’re in a team environment. If you have a negative attitude not is it going to be adversely affect you but I will affect your team mates also.
  2. Discipline. You have to balance your time between the classroom and the golf course and learn how to manage time and your commitments. You have to be disciplined to make a commitment to sticking to a system that leads to success on the course and in the classroom.
  3. Leadership: With the team environment of college golf this is especially important. If you have a personality that can help inspire your team mates and hold others accountable your coach will see how valuable you will be in a team setting.
  4. Passion: You have to love the game and what you are doing. If your hearts not in it I guarantee you a coach will notice. You can have the best golf swing in the tournament but if you will get burn out quickly then you may get over looked despite your technical prowess.

Looking to learn more about the recruiting process and collegiate golf?

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Finding the Correct College for You.

One of the amazing qualities of the US collegiate system is that none of the colleges or golf programs are the same. There really is a good fit out there for every talented golfer if you know where and how to look.
There are many variables from: coaching style, practice schedule, facilities, tournament schedule, workout regime, and the list keeps on going. When seeking a scholarship it is Important to find out exactly what you need to improve on, and what environment will help you prosper both academically and athletically. Then attempting to find a college that can facilitate your development.
With a seemingly endless list if things to worry about it can be difficult to ask the right questions when communicating with potential coaches. That is where we can help you, with experience in both playing and coaching we know both sides of the coin. We will be advising you every step of the way, I am sure with each others help we can find the best fit that is available for you, whether it is at a junior college in Kansas or a division 1 university in California.
Many people do not consider the academic standards that the university set for their athletes. This is probably one of the most important things to consider. If you are a C student we wouldn’t find you a scholarship at an Ivy League University, it is important to be able to adhere to the academic standards otherwise you will not stay eligible to play golf, which after all is the reason you went out to the states. Likewise if you are a 2 handicap we wouldn’t want you going to a top ten NCAA division 1 college, the chances of making the starting line up would be very slim, Being at a college where you get playing time is very important to help your development as a golfer, and will really make you enjoy your time at college.
If you would like to know more on how our expertise can help you find the scholarship you always wanted, please contact us at:

David Lee joins Golf Scholarship USA

Golf Scholarship USA is proud to announce the addition of David Lee to our expert team of scholarship consultants. David will be on hand to assist players throughout the whole process alongside our team. He will also be the first port of call for any players based in the North of England or Scotland being as he will be based out of Glasgow.

David lee played 4 years varsity golf for Lincoln Memorial University in the Tri – State area of Tennessee. David obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration whilst at LMU, Joining the PGA in 2013 upon his return to the UK. Since turning professional David has worked in golf retail after a year as the Head Assistant Professional at Mar Hall, a five star golf resort and spa located just outside Glasgow in Scotland. David has a lot to offer as a member of the PGA and also the experience of 4 years at a NCAA Division 2 university, David will be able to give sound advice and recommend what programme would best suit each individual candidate.

Want to work with our expert team and secure the scholarship that’s right for you, then get in touch at

Being a Student Athlete.

American Universities place a lot of emphasis on being a student athlete. It doesn’t matter what sport you play you are a student first and then an athlete. This means that your studies should always come first before golf. This is a great way to ensure that you complete your degree, especially if you don’t end up turning professional.

The majority of universities will require their students to maintain a 2.0 grade point average to remain eligible for competition, this is the English equivalent of having an average of a C grade. If you do not adhere to your universities academic standard you will not be able to compete. You may think that this seems strict, you have to remember that some scholarships can be in excess of $50,000 a year, and you’re an investment for the college. If you are not remaining eligible with your grades you are not going to be worth the scholarship. It is very achievable for every student, if you need help with certain classes to maintain a good GPA most universities will assist you with tutors.

It is not secret that being a student athlete is hard work, it is very rewarding though. Besides being a student you’re an athlete after all, playing and practicing on some of the best facilities is a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve your game and have an amazing experience with like minded individuals.


If you put the time in you definitely get a lot out of being a student athlete, it is challenging yet rewarding. It can be the best four years of your life and can unlock many doors for you. If you study hard, practice hard, and most of all enjoy your college experience you will excel in both golf and studies.

What is the SAT Test? How will it effect my Golf Scholarship?

The SAT test is dreaded by many students as it contains 3 hours and 45 minutes of actual timed sessions. But with our help you will be fully prepared to get achieve your best score in this test. Coaches will asses your academics from both your SAT and grades, meaning the SAT test will have a big influence on your scholarship offer.

Universities in the United States will assess your academic levels by either one of two tests the SAT or the ACT. Out of the two the SAT is the most prevalent and will be accepted by almost all universities that you will be engaging with. All our prospective players take the SAT test prior to us connecting with coaches about them.

So what does the SAT test consist of? The SAT as previously mentioned will run for around 4 and a half hours with 3 hours and 45 minutes of actual timed sessions, the rest of the time consisting of timed breaks lasting 15 minutes. The SAT consists of 3 sections: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each of these sections will receive a score from a scale of 200-800. Your total score will be calculated by adding together the three scores. The difficulty of the questions vary from easy, medium and hard, with the easier questions generally coming at the beginning of the section and the harder ones at the end. The SAT test is offered 7 times a year annually giving you plenty of options on when to enrol.

What is a good score to get in to my desired college? Every college will have different levels of scores that they will require in order to be accepted into their college. Whilst the maximum score is 2400 with 800 achieved in each section, the average score from each section is around 500 meaning an average total score is roughly around 1500. Below I have attached a link for a calculator which is to help give you information about what about how your SAT scores and grades will measure up in terms of acceptance in universities all over the United States.

Our experts at Golf Scholarship USA will help you throughout the whole recruitment process and find you your perfect college to help your golf and academics. Meaning a lot less worries! Get in touch at:

Link for Calculator:


Golf Scholarship USA player Sam Fernley signs for Indian Hills

Golf Scholarship USA would like to wish their player Sam Fernley the best of luck as he is about to start his college golf career at Indian Hills in Iowa. Sam came to us in July wanting to leave in 2016 as a talented player competing for the Somerset men’s squad. It was important we found a team with a schedule playing lots of big tournaments as this is where Sam deserved to be. But we had to move this to 2015 as due to Sam’s eligibility it was in his best interests to start in 2015. With just a month we managed to help find him a suitable programme that would fit Sam’s high level of ability and go through all his paperwork (including a 25 day wait for a visa appointment). This made it a difficult challenge, but with Indian Hills Sam has found what will prove to be a great fit for him. Indian Hills has a long history of producing a conveyer belt of great talent, winning the national championship for 4 of the last 5 years. We think Sam will help contribute to continue this tradition of achievement working with a great roster and a top head coach in Coach Murray following the very successful Coach Hagen.

Good luck to Sam, you’re going to love every minute of it and we are sure lots of success on the course and in the class room.

Want to follow in Sam’s footsteps and find a golf scholarship in the United States to suit you then get in touch at

How to Apply for an F-1 Student Visa

This is the first of a series of blogs explaining the F-1 Student Visa by Golf Scholarship USA.

With so much paperwork required to study and play golf in the United States we at Golf Scholarship USA are experts on everything required for our players. This is all part of our service to help make the recruitment process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves in being up to date are current in any changes happening with any of the documentation process including the F-1 Student Visa. In this blog we will discuss how to apply and what is needed to apply for an F-1 Student Visa.

There is over 640,000 international students in the United States and all of them are required to have an F-1 Student Visa in order to do so. Following your acceptance from the college you choose to play golf and study at, you will receive the Form I-20 from a designated school official. You must also pay the I-901 SEVIS receipt which will mean you are added to the SEVIS database with an individual ID number.

Following this you can schedule your “Initial Entry Visa Interview” at your local U.S Embassy which for most of our British golfers is located in London. You will book this interview using the following link .

For your student interview you will need the following documents

  • Your Form I-20
  • SEVIS I-901 receipt
  • Signed passport (must be valid for 6 months after entry into the US)
  • Transcripts or diplomas from current or previous institutions
  • Program of study description
  • Accommodation information
  • Evidence that you have the required funds to pay for your: tuition and living expenses for either your whole duration of study or one year (whichever is the shortest)

Part 2 is coming later in the week about how to properly maintain your F-1 Student Visa, and what to do once your receive your visa.

At Golf Scholarship USA we assist our players through every step right until graduation. If playing golf in the United States appeals to you, don’t hesitate to get in contact for a free no obligation consultation to see if we can make your dream a reality.

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