Qualities College Coaches Look for in Players

Unfortunately college golf coaches don’t have a generic checklist which will guarantee you will get a scholarship. Every coach looks for different qualities and attributes leading to them valuing a player differently to any other coach. What one coach may love another coach may despise. Having said this the first thing coaches will always look at is scoring average, ability and grades. But after this there are other qualities we believe in our experience as both players and as a coach we see that every coach values from their players.

  1. Attitude. College golf is demanding, you have to maintain a good positive attitude as you’re in a team environment. If you have a negative attitude not is it going to be adversely affect you but I will affect your team mates also.
  2. Discipline. You have to balance your time between the classroom and the golf course and learn how to manage time and your commitments. You have to be disciplined to make a commitment to sticking to a system that leads to success on the course and in the classroom.
  3. Leadership: With the team environment of college golf this is especially important. If you have a personality that can help inspire your team mates and hold others accountable your coach will see how valuable you will be in a team setting.
  4. Passion: You have to love the game and what you are doing. If your hearts not in it I guarantee you a coach will notice. You can have the best golf swing in the tournament but if you will get burn out quickly then you may get over looked despite your technical prowess.

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