What is the SAT Test? How will it effect my Golf Scholarship?

The SAT test is dreaded by many students as it contains 3 hours and 45 minutes of actual timed sessions. But with our help you will be fully prepared to get achieve your best score in this test. Coaches will asses your academics from both your SAT and grades, meaning the SAT test will have a big influence on your scholarship offer.

Universities in the United States will assess your academic levels by either one of two tests the SAT or the ACT. Out of the two the SAT is the most prevalent and will be accepted by almost all universities that you will be engaging with. All our prospective players take the SAT test prior to us connecting with coaches about them.

So what does the SAT test consist of? The SAT as previously mentioned will run for around 4 and a half hours with 3 hours and 45 minutes of actual timed sessions, the rest of the time consisting of timed breaks lasting 15 minutes. The SAT consists of 3 sections: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each of these sections will receive a score from a scale of 200-800. Your total score will be calculated by adding together the three scores. The difficulty of the questions vary from easy, medium and hard, with the easier questions generally coming at the beginning of the section and the harder ones at the end. The SAT test is offered 7 times a year annually giving you plenty of options on when to enrol.

What is a good score to get in to my desired college? Every college will have different levels of scores that they will require in order to be accepted into their college. Whilst the maximum score is 2400 with 800 achieved in each section, the average score from each section is around 500 meaning an average total score is roughly around 1500. Below I have attached a link for a calculator which is to help give you information about what about how your SAT scores and grades will measure up in terms of acceptance in universities all over the United States.

Our experts at Golf Scholarship USA will help you throughout the whole recruitment process and find you your perfect college to help your golf and academics. Meaning a lot less worries! Get in touch at: info@golfscholarshipusa.co.uk

Link for Calculator: https://www.cappex.com/hq/scattergram?code=HO1038-8-


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